You Are Still Needed

sim-bruceWhen the Ebola virus wreaked havoc on West Africa, the eyes of the world turned to Liberia and SIM’s ELWA Hospital. The epidemic dominated headlines for months, and fear of the life-shattering disease ignited across the globe.

During this time, many hospitals and facilities in Liberia were unable to remain open. By the grace of our Father and the help of our prayer and support partners, ELWA Hospital staff took less than a week’s break to insure safe protocols, and was able to keep responding to needs and offering care. While this praise is not overlooked, the aftermath of the epidemic has left ELWA Hospital in desperate need of medical supplies, building repairs, and funds to keep the facility running. .

SIM’s ELWA Hospital stood strong when Liberia needed it most. Now we are asking for your prayers and support as the hospital and staff struggle to meet ongoing medical needs.

We count it a privilege to work with dedicated partners like you to minister to others in the name of Jesus. Our desire is to continue to provide quality treatment with the compassion and generosity of Jesus Christ to those desperate for healing and hope.

Thank you for joining us in being the hands and heart of Jesus in a hurting world.

For God’s glory and because of His unfailing love,

Bruce Johnson

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Though we were troubled, we did not despair. Though we grieved, we are not without great hope. For two millennia, the Church has served the sick and marginalized. We are called to do no less today.


fell ill to Ebola during the crisis



were treated in SIM hospitals by SIM staff


perished across West Africa to this disease



have survived, including 3 SIM staff members


The amount SIM spent to combat Ebola in West Africa


God Provided

Through people like you we raised enough to treat this Ebola outbreak.

The Virus is Ending, But the Fight To Continue Is Just Beginning.

As of Saturday, May 9th Liberia was declared "Ebola Free". While this victory is not to go unnoticed, there is still much to be done in the rebuilding.